Mero Report Blogger of the Week:Subuna Basnet

Subuna Basnet is Mero Report Blogger of the Week for June 15,2011. Congratulations.

She is currently based in Biratnager but Illam is her home town.A Bachelors student, Subuna is also working part-time at a local college and loves to contribute to her community.

Subuna Basnet. Image via Mero Report.

Her blogging journey started couple of months back with a diary post on her mother and now she writes regularly on various issues.Women’s rights situation in Nepal concern her especially after observing that compared to Illam, women in Biratnagar are treated much worse.

Recent rise in attacks against journalists concern Subuna. She believes that there are some elements who pretend to serve the society but can’t take criticism and attack the reporter instead of correcting their own faults.

A regular contributor to Mero Report,here is Subuna’s profile page.

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