What Due Diligence? Ruchit Kumar Regmi and Nepal

Fed up of daily struggles and dealing with one bad news after another, this week Nepali people finally had something to cheer about. Engineer Ruchit Kumar Regmi apparently has “developed” an aircraft controlled by human thoughts and emotions and the Government has decided to hand out 2 million Rupees to help him through the US patent process.

Great! How generous of the Government. Helping out a scientist in need. Only problem is that this new “development” is an audacious copy paste job and the country had been conned.

Ruchit Regmi claims 

“My innovated aircraft doesn’t need pilots to fly in the designated airport; rather, it needs air worthy aircraft and airport’s communication/navigation systems. By responding with the communication/navigation system of the airport and inbuilt system of my innovated aircraft, it can do all the jobs of the present aircraft but without requiring any pilot to fly. Therefore, aircraft accident due to pilot error, hijacking etc can be controlled on the aircraft and air transport will be safer than that of present aircraft.”

He has also supposedly developed a computer that,

 .”.doesn’t need input devices like keyboards, mouse, light pen, etc; rather, it needs head cap in the form of comfortable headset to sense and to detect the instantaneous electrical signals generated in the brain according to the thought and emotions of the computer user as an input. The usage field of computer is as PC, Computer uses in: Investigation Purposes, Psychology, Neuro-psychiatry, Neurology. After the production of the computer Computing, information, communication and investigation fields will be revolutionized.”

No doubt, both technologies claimed by Regmi sound fascinating and could be a great achievement not only for himself but also for Nepal. Unfortunately, a close examination of his patent applications shows that this person has not done any formal experiments, and there is no prototype.

His patent applications is all text and lacks and data or figures to back his claim. Compare his application with other applications and the difference cannot be ignored. While the others have presented stacks of data and figures, outcome of experiments, Regmi’s applications has basic explanation of brain function and possibility of tapping brain’s electronic signals.

The other glaring omission is lack of a prototype. Anyone can claim to make the next great gizmo but if you cannot put together a basic prototype, it is just a paper dream and paper dreams don’t deserve a patent.For theories and processes it is a different standard, but for a product, it is unimaginable how a person can claim patent without developing it first.

Regmi’s claim on the “mind controlled” aircraft sounds very close to the technology discussed in this article. It is not a crime to be inspired by new developments and then trying to improve it or add new dimension to it. But until now, going through public records, it is clear that Regmi has neither improved on any technology or added anything new. His whole “research”- seems to be limited to fancy scientific terms and swinging in a void without and data to back up claims.

In 2006, he posted a lengthy “study” on which economic policy that can best help Nepal.Scroll down towards the end of the page and you will see that he has signed his name and claims to be the “inventor” of ” Computer Operated by thought and emotions” and “Aircraft Without Pilot(For Commercial and Military Use) “.

It means he had these great innovations(or claimed to have) in pocket back in 2006. His patent application was filed in 2010.Assuming in 2006 he had the theory figured but not the practical stuff.For 4 years, he could not come up with a prototype or carry out experiments and collect data? Why is his application without any numbers, facts or say PROOF?

No doubt, the Nepali government has been conned and the people have been conned too. 2 million Rupees is not chump change, it is tax payers money and in these times of economic and social hardship that money carries much more weight. How dare the Government be so careless and be carried away by fancy terms and dole out the cash without practicing due diligence?

And how dare the Nepali media get carried away too? A simple Google search would have revealed the facts.Shame on them! this is repeat of  Anuja Baniya fiasco for Nepali journalism.

7 thoughts on “What Due Diligence? Ruchit Kumar Regmi and Nepal

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  2. Nicely said..Neither any of the news reported has followed up this incident nor there are any one concerned to make a research before providing such huge amount as aid.
    Some days ago I used to be proud of this news but later now I came on a conclusion that this is not a strong deal.

  3. This comment like this:Nepali harooko khuttatanne prabiti.Without proof any one has not authority to blame others and discourage other.His invention’Aircraft without Pilot’ is not controlled by thought and emotions.

    • u r wrong man……………..All people before inventions are often referred as mad……………But after it is done,,u all pray for them/…so first think,,u understand yourself,what he have said is right or wrong..The one who posted may be the backbitter…..so he must be praised…..for his deeds……
      He resigned his job and had his research from 2048 b.s and the last 6 years he gave his all concern reagrding this topic.And the patent is in process…U willl know in future………….

  4. This is great news for all Nepalese.I donot think that he has copied and pasted others invention. For example, now-a-days, mobile sets are at their BOOM so new mobile sets with new features are being invented and circulated in the market. That doesn’t mean that someone has copied and pasted the same invention rather new inventor has modified and innovated same with new features and technology
    So i dont believe that he is a fraud and at the same time i want to encourage Mr. Regmi. Go on man dont listen to others you are doing great job..

  5. I agree that different emotions and thoughts can produce small electrical pulse. But there’s no way to identify the real intention of human via the pulse or signal. May be during extreme sadness or happiness the magnitude of pulse get larger or smaller, which can be identified easily. But various state may develop identical signals which may develop fatal error if used in case of automatic aircraft. Well I don’t believe this, if this is implemented, then it may not be accurate even up to 40%.

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