Mero Report Blogger of the Week:Santosh Neupane

Santosh Neupane, who is currently Belgium correspondent for Ujjalo FM, News 24 and, is the Mero Report Blogger of the Week for June 8,2011. Congratulations.

Blogger of the Week Santosh Neupane. Image via Mero Report.

After a three-month journalism training at Nepal Press Institute, Santosh started his career at Tilotama Daily-five years ago. He blogs at, in primarily in Nepali.

Santosh finds blogging a more open forum compared to more traditional media and appreciates the opportunity to include this opinion rather than just focusing on reporting.

On Nepali journalism scene, Santosh feels that things are improving but it is still difficult for a journalist to survive in on salary.  Better earning opportunity would make things easier, he says and wants more programs from the Government to help journalists.

A regular contributor to Mero Report, Santosh Neupane views the citizen journalism site as a tool to connect with Nepalis living abroad and also a forum to share news from various parts of the world.

Nepal Blogs wishes Santosh the very best.

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