Celebrating Newah Culture in America

Newah Organization of America (NOA) ‘s 10th Annual Convention was held on May 29,2011 Sunday in Maryland. About 275 guests attended the event. This year the convention focused on “Global Perspectives on the Newah Culture”.

Nepalese Ambassador to the US Hon. Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma  inaugurated the event by lighting traditional Newah  lamp-the Twadewa.NOA Secretary and Emcee Mrs. Babita Shrestha called the meeting to order and introduced the first segment of the program.

NOA President Mr. Rajesh Shrestha welcomed all guests and thanked everyone for their continued support of NOA. President Shrestha also thanked the generous volunteers who have worked on NOA’s behalf since its establishment in 2001. He thanked the Executive Committee, founding members, life members, and general members, past presidents, advisors, advisors to the president, coordinators, financial supporters, the media, and all NOA supporters.  He highlighted major activities of the year, including the Kayeta Puja, NOA/NPPA Joint Summer Picnic, Namaste America Live in Concert, Tito Satya and Musical Night, MAYA (Nepal Bhasa) film showing, Newah Organization of America Language Center (NOALC) Mha Puja celebration, Nepal Sambat 1131 celebration, arts and crafts display at Fairfax Library, Sunfest in Silver Spring, Passport DC, and more.

Girls in traditional Newah dress playing pebbles in Nepal. Image by Krish Dulal, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The convention highlighted Newah Culture and Heritage and was a joyous celebration of Nepal’s diversity. Events like this are essential in bringing Nepali diaspora community together-regardless of ethnic or cultural differences.

Kudos to NOA and the event organizers and volunteers; and also to the participants. Newah culture is Nepal’s pride , and it is essential part of our identity as a Nepali. We hope to see many more events like this which highlights our rich heritage and celebrates our diversity.

For more on NOA and the convention, please visit their homepage.


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