Adopted Project: Transparent Chennai

I have “adopted” Transparent Chennai

“a local organization that has been aggregating, collecting, and displaying data for public interest use about the Indian city of Chennai. Access to this information helps residents better understand the needs of the city, as well as the local government’s response to these needs. Much of the data is available via interactive maps containing various layers of social, political, jurisdictional, and environmental information about the city. “

and will be posting updates on their projects. I hope to begin commenting and interacting on their project blog.

Transparent Chennai is a Rising Voices citizen media outreach project grantee.

Why Transparent Chennai?

Chennai is  capital of Tamil Nadu (southern India) and is a boom town. Information Technology and manufacturing and engineering have established this coastal city as an economic and technological powerhouse.

Nepal can learn a lot from this city and Transparent Chennai’s concept-empowering citizens through data and mapping, could be duplicated in urban areas like Kathmandu valley to benefit the public.

So, with that hope here is my first post on Transparent Chennai.

2 thoughts on “Adopted Project: Transparent Chennai

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