No Sarkozy, Internet is Not a “Territory” and Don’t Even Try Conquering it

So over at Paris, world leaders and new media CEOs had a fun time discussing the internet, social media, regulations and stuff in between like how to conquer the internet.

Ok, that conquering part was entirely French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s idea. Apparently, technology innovations and the wildness promoted by the un-governed world of internet is getting too much for the President and he wants it reigned in.

If only it was that easy.First off, Mr. President, internet is not that wild ( I don’t know stuff the French are watching online though!). There are already number of regulations and checks imposed by various governments to control this beast. Try posting a video of Saudi woman driving and the government there will show you who is the boss.

Following events in Egypt and Tunisia, more and more government are imposing restrictions on the internet and how and when information can be accessed. You obviously haven’t heard about the Great Firewall.

And you still want to conquer this territory with regulations and restrictions?  Internet and online contents need some order, not because a President wants so, but because this tool is too valuable to be squandered. It is a platform that promotes democracy and freedom in countries under dictatorship; it is a bridge and it is a mirror. Regulations to stifle internet’s creativity and vitality will only make it a government tool; not the great equalizer people want it to be.

So please drop the idea of conquering the internet. It is not a territory, it will never be.Shouldn’t you be more worried about the economy?

One thought on “No Sarkozy, Internet is Not a “Territory” and Don’t Even Try Conquering it

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