Joe Niemczura: Kathmandu Critical Care

Niemczura is an American nursing instructor at that University of Hawaii. His is currently in Nepal, working on a nursing education project. His blog Kathmandu Critical Care chronicles his Nepal adventure-getting a cell phone, working through the country’s “system”-which seems very archaic and outdated at times, for example the number of certificates you need to present to get simple things done like opening a bank account or getting a phone, and also about Nepal’s health care and education system.

His book  “The Hospital at the End of the World” describes  his experience working in a Nepali hospital and what it means to bring health care to the poor population in a developing country.

At Nepal Blogs, we have shared about “foreigners” blogging on Nepal and Nepali issues.  You get see your country and culture through an outsider’s eyes-always hilarious and sometimes pushes you to soul search. Go ahead and check out what Joe has to say.




3 thoughts on “Joe Niemczura: Kathmandu Critical Care

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  2. Thank you for this publicity. I will enjoy your feedback and that of your readers. This is my fourth trip to teach nursing in Nepal. Yes, I wrote a book; and it is not yet available in Nepal though I am working to change that. At the beginning, I confess that I was unaware of the intense interest in my work on the part of Nepali people. *of course* they are interested! My idea is to work as partners. Please keep reading!

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