Celebrating Young Nepali Achievers

This post concludes Republic Day observation at Nepal Blogs.Prabal Gurung, Deepak Adhikari of AFP, Subel Bhandari and artist Anup Bhandari-these young achievers represent Nepal’s potential. It is hard to see positive rays of hope in today’s chaotic conditions; but if the people come together, change is possible.

Prabal Gurung

President Lady Michelle Obama in Prabal Gurung dress for 2011 Governor's Dinner. Image via White Flickr Stream.

Michelle Obama, Demi Moore and Oprah Winfrey have worn his designs and now he is designing for J Crew. Prabal Gurung is no doubt one of the fastest rising star in the world fashion industry.

Born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Gurung is active in promoting social causes. He is a goodwill ambassador for Maiti Nepal-organization fighting human trafficking.

Prabal Gurung could replace the scandal tainted John Galliano at Dior.

Through his work and his commitment towards social issues, Prabal Gurung has made Nepal proud. Cheers to this Nepali Tara!

Deepak Adhikari 

Adhikari’s reports on Nepal frequently appear at number of international publications of repute, more recently at Time Magazine. It is nice to read stories on Nepal reported by a Nepali. True, journalists need to report without bias, or judgement; but it adds to the report when a local journalist is covering it and not a parachute reporter.

His success is a model for Nepali journalists looking to break into the international media scene. It is not that Nepal is not a hot territory for international news, you just need to tell a compelling story and make it relevant for your audience.

Deepak Adhikari’s work is bringing in new audience for Nepal and related news; and for that thank you! because in these tough times, every bit to present a different side of Nepal is a welcome effort.

Subel Bhandari

Subel is a journalist/photographer currently based in Afghanistan. He works for German newswire Deutsche Presse Agentur.

His reports on Afghan conflict, local extremists and the Afghan society are very straight forward-a tough thing to achieve when you are covering a war zone. This photographs are a different story. They are incisive, human and very off beat. You think Afghanistan is a war-torn country, deep in trouble? then you have to see the  picture where there are majestic highways and trucks that look like art masterpieces. Subel pictures show you the different side of Afghanistan.

He is doing a great job and he is a Nepali. Subel has to be a star!

Anup Bhandari

Anup is a Nepali artists who is getting lot of attention around Texas. TexasNepal.com describes him as,

“Mr. Bhandari loved to paint since his school days but he got into painting as a professional after coming to the United States. He says his father, late Achyut Bhandari, encouraged him very much to pursue his field of interest. He did his schooling from Budhanilkantha School in Kathmandu and came to the United States in 1999 for higher education. He attended Kilgore College and graduated with an associate degree in Fine Arts. After that, he continued his education at University of Texas at Tyler, where he received a full scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

His apartment is filled with beautiful paintings, lot of which give out a message of peace to the world. His art is very admired by everybody who comes to his apartment or see the paintings at the local art gallery. Local television stations have featured him and several newspapers have published articles about his work. Three of his paintings have been chosen for permanent collections at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts.”

At Nepal Blogs, we have a short post on Anup and his work in the Arts section.

Anup Bhandari’s art and his success breaks the stereotype that every Nepali who wants to make it big in the US has to either be a tech genius or be a big entrepreneur. Art is generally an undervalued and under appreciated pursuit in Nepali society, especially when a young person decides to pursue it as a career. Thanks to Bhandari, there is a hope for change in that mindset. He gets a big star for that!

And yes, this list is not complete and we still have many more who need to be recognized and honored. Please take this as a first step..we have miles to go

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Young Nepali Achievers

  1. I truely appreciare your effort to unveil talented people and to validate their works.
    Cream must rise to the top!

    Keep it up!

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