Richa Bhattarai Introduces Yuwa

We posted a short introduction to Yuwa last week. That post was first one in a series of three to mark upcoming Republic Day. Here is Yuwa’s Vice President Richa Bhattarai with a more detailed look into the organization. 

Richa Bhattarai

Established in 2009, YUWA is a registered, not for profit, purely youth run and youth led organization between 15-29 working to promote youth participation through empowerment and advocacy. YUWA was born out of a group of committed youths, working in various social sectors since 2005. The initial focus was to develop leadership skills of involved youths or to get trained as a youth activist and advocate for change, thus resulting into a wide and diverse array of knowledge, skills and experience in this sector. It led to the realization of the seriousness of youth issues and the need to act, which, finally took shape of YUWA. The word “YUWA” has its root in the Nepali language referring youths.

YUWA defines youth as people between the age of “15-29” and its leadership and staffs strictly follows this age bracket. However, YUWA also promotes youth-adult partnership.  YUWA envisions a situation where the youth as an indispensable agent of change are valued partners in decision-making at all levels. It aims to reach this vision through two tools of empowerment and advocacy. YUWA is committed to provide platform for young generation discourses and innovation, promote Y-culture, and facilitate the meaningful youth participation in decision-making and to recognise and enhance intergenerational partnership.

YUWA works in five thematic areas and there are programs addressing each thematic area, some of them are already executed and some are in the process of execution. For detailed description, here is a table.

Recently YUWA celebrated the GYSD, Global Youth Service Day as a national lead agency on April 15, 16 and 17 coordination with other different youth organisations. On these three days, service oriented activities were organised. As a part of it, an airport cleaning campaign was also organised with the theme “Change through Volunteerism” where more than 500 youth had gathered to clean the only International Airport.

Currently YUWA is running a library project with aim to establish a library at Manakamana VDC of Syanja District for the students’ up to Grade 10. We are collecting books and anyone who is interested to donate books relevant for the students up to Grade 10 is requested to contact at YUWA Office at

60, Nirajan Bikram Marga, Minbhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal. Or call 4487743


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