Nepal in Numbers

We are marking Nepal’s Republic Day and today its dose of bitter reality. Since, WordPress doesn’t allow iFrame embeds, here are the links to the data visuals. They were created using Google public data.

As you can see, Nepal still has a long road ahead but improvements have been made and a better future is possible. So, let us keep the hope alive!!

Infographic on Nepali Migrant Workers Worldwide

Nepali Migrant Workers Worldwide Many Eyes


Births attended by skilled staff. This data very important, because Nepal has very high maternal mortality rate. If more births happen at health care centers or are attended by skilled staff, it will help cut down maternal mortality and also reduce complications during child birth. Sri Lanka’s achievement in this area is truly amazing and a lesson for Nepal.

Ratio of Girls and Boys in Primary Education. A positive sign for Nepal, see how we are catching up to India. Sri Lanka is clear leader with 103.53% according to 2003 data, which is quite an achievement considering the prevailing notions on gender in South Asia.

Transportation is critical for development. Paved roads, especially in a country with difficult terrain like Nepal are definitely a huge asset. It is encouraging that Nepal’s percentage of paved roads is now pretty close to India,


A Better news, comparison of Nepal, India and Sri Lanka on revenue, excluding grants. Note how Nepal’s revenue has risen, while India and Sri Lanka show a decline.

Nepal, India and Sri Lanka GDP Per Capita .Notice how it changes when we compare the GDP, India jumps very far ahead from the pack, but Sri Lanka fares much better on per capita GDP.

Nepal, India and Sri Lanka GDP Comparison. India is clearly the leader, Nepal and Sri Lanka lag far behind.

And above all, poverty is on a decline in Nepal.


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