May 29, On Nepal’s Republic Day

May 29th is Nepal’s Republic Day and since we at Nepal Blogs are celebrating our first, we are pretty excited. So here is what is coming up to mark this day.

May 20th: See the positive and work on negatives. We will feature projects launched by young people which affirm that Nepal is still vibrant, despite all the chaos. We will also discuss the negatives.

Featured projects are: Tweet for Cause Nepal, Nepal Unites, and Yuwa.

May 24th: Numbers don’t lie. A look into Nepal’s numbers and what they mean. Focusing on economic and social data.

May 29th: The big day! On Republic Day we plan to feature Nepal’s rising stars.

Celebrating Prabal Gurung, Deepak Adhikari of AFP, Subel Bhandari and artist Anup Bhandari.

As you can see, we are trying hard to emphasize on the positive and non-political. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at bhumika_g at


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