Stephen Colbert..Just Ignore that Big Mouth!

At Nepali Blogger, Pradeep Singh has a very passionate post on Stephen Colbert and his big mouth. The comic made fun of Nepali flag and now Singh is understandably upset.

First, Nepali Flag is our identity; the only flag not in the rectangular shape (see the difference!). It’s not that we don’t know the shape of the rectangle but I doubt if you really know that pennon shape. And hey where do you find that “Flags should be only of rectangle shape? I am still trying to figure out why this point became so funny to you and your American audience!

Second, you added KUMARI next to OLSEN TWINS which clearly shows the time you have really invested in researching this! Also shows how literate you are to call other illiterate with this. Your irritation with the surname Shakya will continue forever as it’s only selected from the Shakya clan of the Nepalese Newari community (in case you don’t know).

Well, Stephen Colbert is a big mouth who loves to step on others toes and make them squirm. Pradeep, please don’t take him seriously! Yes, it is natural to feel sad when one’s national symbol is made fun of but if you take every Stephen Colbert stunt seriously your life will be miserable. Just ignore this comic monster.


One thought on “Stephen Colbert..Just Ignore that Big Mouth!

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