Keith Leslie on Nepal and Buddhism

We have shared couple of posts on a foreigner’s perspective on Nepal. They bring out overlooked aspects of our culture and way of life. Things we take for granted or ignore-always an engaging experience I believe.

I came across a deep and quite lengthy post on Nepal, Buddhism and religion. The blogger is a Keith Leslie, who has adopted Nepal as his homeland since 1983. Maybe I should not call his perspective a foreign one!

Here is his post,

I find his take on Buddhism’s (in his words) absence of emphasis on social justice and extreme focus on individual and un-critical reverence to a guru, quite challenging. Never saw that side of Buddhism.

Please read the post. If you are a religion/spirituality kind of person, it is a gripping read.

One thought on “Keith Leslie on Nepal and Buddhism

  1. Thanks, Bhumikasa Press. I appreciate your reprinting this Bambuddhism post. I’d be more than happy to engage others in a discussion on these ideas. There is beauty and depth in all forms of religious (spiritual) pursuit. Yet we are each limited by our own values, history and time. One can’t pursue them all, nor would go further by doing so. So, these are merely ideas and experiences after a life lived half in the West half in Nepal. — with deep and continuing affection for both worlds. If anyone wants to comment on this specific Bambuddhism post, I’ll gratefully respond on my blog site. my regards, Keith

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