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Continuing our effort to publicize the positive happening in Nepal, today we are sharing post on Tweet for Cause Nepal. They are launching an effort to help a children’s home in Kathmandu. Actually, that children’s home is in my old neighborhood! So, please go through this post on their mission and hopefully, you will be energized to support them.

Update April 25,2011

Tweet for Cause Nepal members visited the Pabitra Sewa Samaj children’s home on April 23, Saturday. To read the complete updates, please visit their blog.

Children their study at Tilangtar Secondary School, which is just 5 minutes from my home! It is a public school and has been working very hard to improve facilities. May I request you to support this school too?

A preliminary visit to Pabitra Sewa Samaj (PSS) Nepal, Basundhara

For the #tfcnepal first donation, we were in search of a destination where the amount we collected from our tweet counts could be a help to the needy ones/deprived groups or the orphanage /elderly homes around Kathmandu Valley. We the members of @tfcnepal had a preliminary survey of Pabitra Sewa Samaj(PSS) Nepal, located at Basundhara near Triyog School. We were there to know their needs and whether our motto matches the support we were planing for or not. Whom We met was Ms Dikchhya Chapagai , Chairman/Founder of PSS. A young and dedicated Woman whose life has been devoted to maintain the Fates of various street children from various categories.

There were 22 members altogether being fed and educated by PSS. Dikchhya has been working in this field since her childhood. She explains, the PSS has been running in the school building donated by a Public School nearby and else nothing governmental approches has been heard so far, but the personal helps are the major source of economy to feed those deprived group of children. She further explains, “I have a United States’ Visa posted on my Passport but from the moment I wake up till I go to bed, I don’t have any other intensions behind uplifting the lifestyles of those children and handing over them their bright future. Nothing else matters but she is fully concerned with the continuous support to aid happiness to the faces of those children.

Children there have common surnames and DOB, we heard everyone there being called by different names but the common surnames. For this she explains, all these my children are sons and daughters of the holy land Nepal, so I basically call them all with their common surnames Nepal. And regarding DOB, she says, since a day in a year could be a momento in every childrens’ life, I explain them with their birth dates as Baisakh 01 and celebrate birthdays every year. Further she tells, Seeing children from deprived groups and communities I couldn’t resist their situations and collected them from streets to this orphanage home and give them a new identity for their bright future. This PSS is now under the hands of personal donors and we collect whatever donated by them and use up as the daily use materials.

Amazing to know but all the 21 children (1 elderly granny) living under the shades of PSS were distinction holders and marks above 90% :O (quite impressive). We asked them with their motto in life, the answers we got from most of them was a Social Worker, besides Doctor, Model, Singer and Dancer. See them dancing for usDancers The nearby governmental school where they study has privileged them with a bit schoolarship programmes but they are not having their studies at free of cost. Dikchhya said ‘ for the previous year, I got a donor who donated the sum of money for whole year to all the students and I am hopeful I’ll get one this year too.’ The children were worried about the academic sessions would start very soon and we lack proper books to read and copies to write. We explained, May be we can be a help this time….. Dikchhya smiles 🙂

We further asked, what are your requirements, if we could meet your demands that are very much essential. She explained, We have a stock of Paddy to feed but we lack Edible oil, Biscuits, Noodles, Beaten Rice, Kitchen Utensils (plates, spoons, cups), Slippers, Toothpastes, Toothbrushes, Stationaries (Copies, Pencils, Erasers, Sharpeners), Soaps (Bathing, Cleaning) thats all. Personally @friendycalls donated some Noodles and Juice to the PSS Nepal.

We are too much hopeful that we can be a great help to them this time …. What do you say members… please drop in your views.

If you are really interested in doing something for them, you can certainly bring smiles in their faces by donating your unused stuffs, outfits, books, copies and whatever you wish. You can bring them with yourselves this saturday, 23rd April, 2011 at the Pavitra Sewa Samaj (PSS) Nepal, Basundhara (Near Triyog H.S. School and hand it over to Ms. Dikchhya Chapagai. Your every donations counts in here…… Thanking you all for your great support.
To get the directions to #PSS Nepal Way to #PSS NEPAL

This post was shared with permission from Tweet for Cause Nepal. Please follow them at Twitter @tfcNepal for updates.

3 thoughts on “Tweet for Cause Nepal

  1. Great cause. Great Initiative.
    Just worried about the line that is used “There were 22 members altogether being fed and educated by PSS.’ That was harsh. We can choose less offensive words.

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