Yet Another Frenzy: Nepali Leaks and Safety of “Leakers”

MySansar has partnered with Nepali Leaks and they are promising a season of fury against corruption and mismanagement.

“विकिलिक्सबाट प्रेरित नेपालीलिक्सको सहयोगमा माइसंसारले थाल्नेछ त्यस्ता कुराहरुको पर्दाफास, जसलाई तपाईँहरुबाट लुकाउन खोजिएको छ। किनकि पारदर्शिताले नै समाजलाई जिम्मेवार बनाउन सघाउँछ। सूचना तपाईँको अधिकार हो। त्यही अधिकारका लागि हामी डट्नेछौँ सारा जोखिम मोलेर। त्यसका लागि चाहिनेछ तपाईँको साथ।”

Potential “leakers” or whistle blowers are urged to send in documents supporting claims of corruption to Nepali Leaks’ website. They are promised anonymity and data security.

Now, the tough part. I am terrified of this new Wikileaks wannabe adventure taken up by Mysansar.

Yes, it is a great initiative to expose the corrupt and those hurting Nepal’s national interest but I strongly believe that this expose mission is happening in a hurry and could result in serious accident.

First of all, I would like to question MySansar, how are they going to protect a whistleblower? Because Nepal does not have any law guaranteeing safety and security for a whistleblower. In a country where Police can force internet service providers to submit user data so that VOIP operators could be identified, what makes this project safe from such investigations?

In case there is a huge scandal and a Police investigation is launched; and they identify the “leaker”, what kind of responsibility is MySansar going to bear?

Also, are the leakers pre-notified of all the risks they are undertaking? that is lack of legal protection and possibility of public identification? and are they clear on what kind of support, if any, is Mysansar going to provide in such circumstance?

Then there is the question on who are the people who decide what is fit to expose. Mysansar says they have a panel of experts who will judge submitted materials, who are these experts? If the people are asked to risk their security to expose corruption, shouldn’t they know who are these experts and why they deserve to be in such a consequential position.

Like I have said time and again, MySansar is a great outlet and a great resource for Nepalis around the world. But I have serious reservations regarding their Nepal Leaks project. Frankly, I am worried and scared that they are whipping up a frenzy, using unsuspecting people and it could result into serious accident.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Frenzy: Nepali Leaks and Safety of “Leakers”

  1. In a society where gossip flows faster than logical argument, people are easily be driven away by faulty sentiments. Reading the comments on each Mysansar’s post, one can easily realize how the Nepali mass is. Considering the fact, Nepalleaks can potentially trigger bigger mass. As such, I have more say with Nepali people than Mysansar or Nepalleaks. It will take years to break this trend. Jasto samaaj ustai website!

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