Bikalpa Movement

We are very pleased to introduce Bikalpa Movement. As there is a general environment of pessimism surrounding disscussions focusing on Nepal’s future and its youth; it is an uplifting to learn about initiatives like Bikalpa Movement.

It is our aim to bring many more efforts like this to the wider audience so that the discussion on Nepal gets a dose of positive energy too.

Bikalpa movement: “a quest for alternative by putting ideas into action”

The word “Bikalpa” means alternative in Nepali. However, Bikalpa~a movement is not an alternative, but a process towards search and implementation of a better alternative. Bikalpa is not just about politics. It can be about any field as long as it is helpful towards improving the situation of Nepal. Some relevant fields could be economics, social change, technology, and education.

Bikalpa movement is a non-profit non-partisan movement started by young Nepali students on April 12, 2010. But it aims to include students, intellectuals, representatives and anyone who feels that he/she can contribute. Even people outside Nepal can contribute.

Bikalpa movement is NOT planning a revolution. Instead, it is planning an evolution of thought regarding progress. We believe that progress is possible only through ideas, which can improve through discussions; and the implementation of those ideas.

Bikalpa movement is NOT planning to be a political party. We want to change the political culture of Nepal. We want political thoughts and political discussions, not selfish political games.

Bikalpa movement is NOT planning to overthrow the current political leaders. We are inclusive, not exclusive. We want to come up with political visions for Nepal in different front (with the help of representatives as well). Then, we want to work with representatives(CA members and others) to implement those political visions. We will try to implement other non-political visions on our own if feasible and legal.

Bikalpa movement will NOT do anything illegal or resort to violence under any circumstance.

|| Objectives ||

1. To discuss and understand the situation of Nepal.
2. To seek and find a “BIKALPA” (an alternative) to the current situation of Nepal primarily with the help of intellectuals, students and representatives.
3. To recognize Nepali youth as the leading force that can lead to a “BIKALPA”.
4. To inspire, educate and mobilize youth to lead the movement “BIKALPA” in order to change the situation of the country.

Thank you Biplav Pradhan and his friends at Bikalpa Movement for allowing us to share this post. Bikalpa is non political, citizen focused initiative. For more, please visit their site.

Biplav Pradhan is graduate student at Lund University, Sweden. 


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