A Nepali and an American Fall in Love..

Last year, I posted a blog for Global Voices on mixed race/culture marriages among South Asians. It was interesting experience, reading through number of mixed culture family blogs and trying to understand their take on living together as a family and maintaining their separate cultural and religious identities.

Although most of the blogs I referenced then were from Indian/Pakistani/American households, recently I have come across number of Nepali/American blogs. And I haven’t stopped thinking about how it must feel to live in a family with two different cultures and religions. I mean, who decides what to have for dinner? Pasta or rice? Is beef ok? and so on.

Musings from an American-Nepali household is a maintained by an American who is about to marry a Nepali. She calls herself C and her love is P. She is an international student adviser at a New England university and he is a grad student.

Her posts on their upcoming wedding and the American immigration system present an interesting view of how we-as humans, live, love and how the systems we have placed for our society gets in place these important things.

I could write a book about American immigration system! It is confusing, sometimes disheartening and sometimes downright inhuman, but the law is the law. C is very matter of fact and now they have decided not to travel to Nepal for a Nepali wedding, both American and Nepali wedding ceremonies will take place in America.

I look back at my wedding in Nepal, and can’t help but feel sorry for this young couple. They will miss out so much, little things that cannot be duplicated in a Nepali ceremony in America.  I got to enjoy all the eccentric rituals my culture and my family cherish. I feel sad for C and P as their wedding experience will be restricted(?) by the immigration rules.

But they seem positive and happy, I wish them well and please visit their blog. You will thank me!


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