Common Sense in Nepal: A New Movement?

At, Ujjwal makes interesting proposition-calling for commonsense movement in the country. Reminds me of the Rally to Restore Sanity by Jon Stewart.

“We are tired of the antics in Nepal’s current leadership (all of them). In the past fifty years, all we ever wanted was a leadership to lead our youthful nation, Nepal with “common sense”. However, time and again, our politicians have let our country down, as they continue to bicker about political power and horseshoe trading. We believe that non of the current political leaders have the basic “common sense” to think for Nepal and its future. They have let us down! Therefore we, the youths will be the new “common sense” leaders, who will do what is right for the country. We say,We are the “present”, not the future.
“The Nepali Common Sense Movement – Doing the Right Thing””

The page has received 23 Facebook “Likes” so far. Judging by the proposal, it sounds very positive and a much needed movement in Nepal. Especially since none of movements of past 50 years have done much for the country and for the people.

Let us see if the people limit themselves to doling out Facebook likes or actually get something done.Our best wishes to the Common Sense Movement!


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