This is not right!

Before I go to the topic, let me start with an apology. Today, I shared a post with two pictures. It now has just one picture. I made a mistake and had to take down the first picture down because I believed that it was a picture from Nepal. It was not. My bad and I am sorry.

Risking the danger of sounding crass, I will bring up the issue of creative control and plagiarism.

When I launched this blog, I wanted to share with the blogosphere best works of Nepali citizen media. I have met many talented writers and artists, and I am proud to share their work here. Unfortunately, there are some who knowingly or unknowingly cross the line between sharing someone’s work and flatout stealing it.

At Twitter we had long discussion with Rabindra Rijal, who discovered that a new website has been stealing feeds and publishing articles without any attribution or links.

I visited a, and found, what I believed, was a talented writer. After reading three articles , it was clear she was lifting them from mainstream news sites and posting them without any credit or link.

Going back to the picture incident, it would be nice if the blogger posted a note saying that it is not from Nepal because the way it was set, implied that it was. I am apologizing for my mistake again, and request all bloggers-please give credit when it is due.

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