Foreigner’s Perspective on Nepal

It is refreshing to look at your culture and way of life through a foreigner’s eye.

I came across this blog, and it is very honest and may feel bit too straight to a Nepali.

But it is necessary introspection. You see things that you took for granted or simply ignored. One observation from this blogger that really made me think was that for people from outside ,Nepal feels really backwards and perhaps medieval when it comes to business ethics and condition. I always took that as a simple part of development process. Well, development is not linear and lack of ethics and disregard for law cannot be just accepted as part of being ” us”.

So, this is the blog I am talking about.

Mr. Smith goes to Kathmandu. Looks like my phone will not cooperate with me in posting a quote from the blog here. Never mind, I will paraphrase.

So, Mr. Smith laments that in Nepal there are just too many people looking to make a quick buck and not looking for honest long term relationship. Well, my personal experience also says so. I guess this is a symptom of our contaminated lifestyle that sees more value in making money the easy way rather than working hard and being honest.

Look at our schools and universities. You can read reports on how students now demand the right to cheat at exams and beat up teachers who try to stop them. We have become a nation of quick fixes and yet nothing is actually fixed.

I say thanks to Mr. Smith and hope to read more honest posts from him.

2 thoughts on “Foreigner’s Perspective on Nepal

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