Asking for military intervention

Dirgha Raj Prasai has a long commentary at Sri Lanka Guardian. I remember him posting comments at Global Voices. No matter his views or his ideology, he is sure very committed and also very active. Posting articles at various online publications.

His recent post is quite lengthy but lacking in new material. He repeats old historical stuff for the most part and only toward the conclusion he presents fresh ideas.

I found his call- covert one, for the Army’s intervention quite disturbing. Prasai is no doubt a loyal monarchist. He is against the Maoists and seems is no fan of newly formed UML government. But calling for Military intervention is only inviting more violence and will surely disintegrate Nepal.

For a man who professes live for united and strong Nepal,this is quite a turn.

Here is the link to his post:

Since I am posting this form my phone, excuse lack of proper formatting.

Pleased send in your comments and how you see Mr. Prasai’s post.

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