On digital rights and piracy

Rabindra Rijal has posted about digital rights and piracy (Nepali) .   A must read for a Nepali blogger.

Nepali system is still grasping with the idea of internet, digital creations and online sharing. There is very little or no protection for intellectual property rights online. Rijal is a gazhal writer and laments over bloggers lifting up his pieces and posting them without attribution. He has also posted links to various other incidents of piracy.

This is a very sad situation. We respect and protect property rights but when it comes to intellectual property-especially online, suddenly everything that is frowned upon in the real world becomes OK .

Requests to all bloggers, if you like something-link to it. Don’t lift it up and post it without attribution. That is stealing. And to the bloggers, please post information on copyright clearly on your blog. Readers, if you see incidents of piracy, let the e-lifter know that what he/she is doing is NOT COOL!

One thought on “On digital rights and piracy

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