Aakar Post goes deeper into Facebook’s appeal

Talking about Facebook’s appeal in Nepal’s context. Aakar Post has a very interesting analysis of Facebook’s Nepali population and what is behind those numbers.

No dull data deal with,Aakar has a catchy image to explain the numbers and it is fascinating to see Nepal’s social tends translate online.

For example, majority of Facebook users are male and they are quite open about using the site connect with women. Compared to the men, only small number of women are open about looking to connect with the opposite sex.

Nepali society is traditional, and still very much male dominated. No surprise that the male majority and cultural perceptions that demands women to be shy and conforming has travelled to online Nepal.This translation of culture into cyberspace beg s a question however: we believe that the internet and the great information revolution is a great equalizer. Then why the disparities travel so easily to the online world?


Aakar Tech Blog now has English version of this post.

“Majority of Facebook users from Nepal are Male and 41% Male single users are interested in Female. But interesting only few numbers of Female single users are interested to opposite sex (Male). Data says only 4% of Female single users are interested in Male. May be this is because of structure of society.”

Here is the data image,

Nepali Facebook Users. Image via Aakar Post.


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