Who knew? Kul Gautam has a personal page and Archana Spins a Classic

Kul Gautam, one of the most admired Nepali public figures has now joined Nepal’s blogosphere. His page has collection of this published articles, news, photos, videos and speeches. I am eagerly waiting for him to start blogging and (too much?) tweeting!

Here is an excerpt from his 2010 February 19 talk at the Rotary Club Kathmandu, titled Six Sins and Seven Virtues of New Nepal

“Hyper-politicization: More than any other country I know, everything in Nepal seems coloured by politics, and especially party politics. Nothing seems off-limit from political party influence. Student unions, teachers’ associations, trade unions, bar association, etc. seem all affiliated with one or the other parties.

Political party affiliation or influence seems to be widespread, or assumed to be widespread, even among non-governmental organizations, professional associations, civil servants, and even the security forces.

People tend to question the objectivity of independent professionals, assuming that if not overtly, they must be covertly aligned with one party or the other.”

Dr. Gautam’s  commitment to Nepal is clear in this short excerpt. His page is a welcome addition to the blogosphere and is greatly appreciated.

Speaking of appreciated pages, Archana Shrestha’s personal blog (mostly in Nepali) is also a treat. She has quite a loyal crowd following her posts and recently posted a poem parodying a Nepali immigrant’s life abroad, spinning beloved Nepali classic to fit modern times.

Here is the part that is most fun,

“प्रियाले सोध्लिन नि काम गर्छ उ भनी
दुई- चार बर्ष कुर भन्दिए!!

एक्स्-प्रियाले सोध्लिन नि के काम गर्छ भनी
एकदम मोज छ तिमीले मिस ग-र्यो भन्दिए!!

छिमेकीले सोध्लान नि बाबु के काम गर्छ भनी
बैंकमा म्यानेजर छ भन्दिए!!”

Unofficial translation:

if my love asks what i am doing

tell her to wait 2-4 years

if my ex asks about my work

tell her its so much fun,she totally missed it

if the neighbours asks what i do

tell them i manage a bank

Poignant reality of an immigrant’s life! Make sure you check out Archana’s blog for more interesting posts.


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