Chandan Sapkota on Nepal’s Power Crisis

Chandan Sapkota has a post on Nepal’s power crisis. Very timely and also much needed to further ongoing discussion on the country’s economic future if it continues to struggle energy wise.

Here is the post:

Sapkota also has also compared Nepal’s growth with neighbors India and China, in a previous post. It is a study in contrasts. While the two neighbors are attracting investors and international attention, Nepal is subject of sympathy and also disappointment.

Read the growth post here:

The county’s inability to exploit it’s vast potential for hydro electricity is a telling example of what nature can and cannot do for you. You can have all the resources but if you can’t use them then it’s just a waste.

Kathmandu and rest of the country are now under hours of power cuts and this has affected the economy. Government recently declared energy crisis. A late move but at least they now realize that power cuts are not going to solve this crisis. There has to be concentrated effort on power generation, limiting waste and corruption and also an international mission to attract investors to build new power plants- hydro or other options. Solar and wind energy could also be good investments for Nepal.

Sapkota lists number of dos and don’ts for the government if they are really serious about this crisis.His views are optimistic. Hopefully, that optimism will catch on.


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