Video Post on Nepal’s Power Crisis and Blog on Sanitation

Rajneesh Bhandari has a video post on one of the most pressing issue facing Nepal-power crisis.

Video is engaging.He has presented data which shows the wide disparity between what the people demand and what the system is currently able to supply. The subject-students suffering because of power cuts, is also appealing. The audience is able to develop empathy for her. Studying under candle light is no fun, especially if you have to deal with number of other issues at the same time.

My only criticism is that, instead of recording the video entirely in English, he should have used Nepali too. I understand his target audience in this case in non-Nepali speaking foreigners who at least have access to power and internet because that is now a luxury in Nepal.But by excluding Nepali he is loosing chunk of audience in diaspora, who are eager to stay in the know about events in Nepal.

Blog on sanitation,great way to raise awareness about sanitation issues in Nepal and also about water shortage in the country-especially in the urban areas. Check it out here: Nepal WASH Blog.

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