What bloggers are saying about Nepal’s citizen journalism movement

Back in 2007, I contributed a post on Nepal’s citizen journalism movement for Toward Freedom , Citizen Journalism in Nepal. Today, I read that post again and it is sad that in last four years not much has changed. Nepali blogosphere and other outlets for citizen voices are still struggling to find their place and soul.

It is not that no attempt is being made to encourage citizen journalists. MeroReport, is an interesting project and I have signed up as a contributor. Ujjwal Acharya says,

Equal Access Nepal, an INGO working mainly in media development, is in a process of creating MeroReport.net with an aim of making it a network for citizen journalists in Nepal.

The website being built on Ning – the social networking script. The INGO larger objectives on its development is to be give a common platform for people to put on their report; bloggers to promote themselves leading towards a creation of fully functional citizen journalism site.”


He also points out that because of low internet availability in Nepal and the ongoing power crisis, the potential crowd for these crowd sourcing projects is limited. Yes, that is a sad reality for Nepal. But I believe that success of bloggers like Mr. Acharya, Deepak Adhikari and MySansar is a signal that if we find quality bloggers the readers will come. It may not be in numbers comparable to say that of Nepal’s neighbours but there will be readers. Also, we cannot discount growing number of Nepali diaspora.

So, with a positive note we close for today. I hope that this project will be able to make a difference in Nepali citizen journalism scene.

More on Nepali blogging community:




United We Blog!


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