Nepal’s Maoists withdraw indefinite protest..the inner game

well, the maoists have withdrawn their indefinite protest and the people are taking sigh of relief. call me a pathetic pessimist or a myopic(medically i am myopic!!), i am not sure that this thing is over

#the maoists are serious about ousting madhav kumar nepal and his government. they failed to do so through their protest but this is not the end. prachanda and his party will launch another weapon to bring madhav kumar nepal down. and it will happen soon.

#the indefiniate protest was taken back by the maoists..after lot of pressure from india, US, EU, india and china. the comraed are seething that “foreign powers” made them back down.

#also, this debacle is being potrayed by the press-national and international as an ultimate slap on prachanda’a face. this strategy backfired and his people are now questioning his leadership and vision.

so the maoists will be back to take down madhav kumar nepal ready for a round 2?

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