Bhutan 2010: SAARC Summit in Thimpu

SAARC..if you ask me I see the organization as a laid back talk shop. Members talk much more, promise even more than then deliver just a little..sometimes too little to justify the organization’s existence.

SAARC lacks the determination to be effective..there is just too much “diplomacy” going know the kind of diplomacy that slowly degenerates into a@@ kissing. No one dares to question India, no one dares to push India and Pakistan to be civil and then everyone is too happy to push for more SAARC pits with zero benefits.

Don’t take me wrong..SAARC could be a great tool to unite and strengthen South Asia. Unfortunately at the moment it is just a country club where everyone’s aim is just to be nice to each other..especially to the big guy.

One thought on “Bhutan 2010: SAARC Summit in Thimpu

  1. SAARC has so far been a total failure. From an Indian perspective, it has been reduced to a platform to gang-up against India.

    Pakistan and China have successfully exploited the divide to the hilt. Bangladesh and Nepal have become the favourite transit points of the muslim terrorists and fake currency dealers to cause maximum damage to the Indian nation. Hijacking of the Indian Airlines aircraft from Kathmandu, by the Pakistani terrorists was the highpoint of anti-Indian activities amongst the SAARC nations.

    Bangladesh, Srilanka, and to some extent Maldives and Nepal hedged against India by having their own equations with China, needless to mention about Pakistan.

    The smaller nations seem to have grivances against India due to their own issues, but how significant are those issues to the survival of those nations, or to their people is not clear. It is inconceivable that India would have a policy to target the poor people of the smaller nations.

    However, India’s economic progress in the recent years is slowly changing the position of the SAARC nations vis a vis India.

    Now in last few years, there seem to be a change in tune, and an urgency in Bangladesh and a section of the Pakistanis to grab a slice of the economic benefits that are visible in India. This looks like opportunism at its best, which is not bad after all ……. !!!!!

    Prosperity can not come on Indian concessions alone, as India itself is a nation with a large population of poor and illiterate people. And SAARC will continue to lack substance, as long as India is viewed as a threat, rather than an opportunity.

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