More support for India’s nuclear program

At The Wall Street Journal RORY MEDCALF supports India’s nuclear program, calling the India’s bhevaiour regarding nuclear weapons and technology “responsible”

“Of all the nuclear-armed states, India has been the most active in promoting global agreement on no first use—including through bilateral and multilateral treaties—and on negative security assurances, or guarantees not to strike non-nuclear states. Even China, the most self-righteous doctrinal champion of no first use, has rejected India’s overtures for a bilateral pact, not wishing to be seen to bestow any form of nuclear legitimacy on a power it likes to pretend is not a rival.”

Rory Medcalf of the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

There is no doubt that compared to its rival Pakistan or another beligirant nuclear wanna be-Iran, India has acted responsibly when it comes to nuclear technology. But is this support for India’s nuclear program just going to add to arms race in South Asia? Pakistan is already competing with India and now Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could join in. India’s rising influence in international security arena is not going to please these neighbours-none of whom share very warm relations with the South Asian giant.

Add China to the mix and it is clear that supporting India’s nuclear program is not limited to India but has direct effect over entire South Asia.

One thought on “More support for India’s nuclear program

  1. India has been the victim of US lead sanctions of all kinds for almost three decades, since its first nuke test in 1974.

    The Americans have not turned nice to India all of a sudden. The US-India nuke deal is the result of geo-political compulsions of the Americans, not because of good behaviour of India, as it is made out to be. The Americans are playing their own game, containing China with India, while making sure India is check-mated with a nuclear Pakistan.

    The Americans pretend to be big crusaders for nonproliferation, but to know the truth one must read the articles at the following links :

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