South Asia nuclear arms race..thanks to India and Pakistan

Arms race between rivals India and Pakistan, and nuclear treaty between India and US is pushing nuclear arms race in South Asia.

Jeremy Khan at The Faster Times says,

“…U.S. could be doing a lot more to persuade India and Pakistan to take measures that might lessen the chance of a nuclear exchange if the two countries do become involved in a conventional military conflict, as they have numerous times in the past. For instance, it would be very useful if they each articulated a clear nuclear defense doctrine. It would also be good if the two nations shared far more information with one another about their nuclear defenses so that signs would not be misinterpreted during a crisis. Getting Islamabad to agree to a “no first use” policy would be a huge step too (although Islamabad would be unlikely to agree to such a measure.)”

Tomb of Mohamad Ali Jinnah, Karachi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

I don’t understand how Khan thinks that it would be possible to make Pakistan understand that sharing information/good relationship with India is a good security strategy. Pakistan is technically a pseudo military/fundamentalist dictatorship. Yes there are elections in the country and et al but look what happened to Benazir Bhutto? She was killed by the Islamists and what about corruption? Only when the people of Pakistan are given the opportunity to decide for their country will there be any peace between India and Pakistan.

As long as Pakistan is a fake democracy, they will abuse their status as nuclear power nation to engage in meaningless quarrels with India and push South Asia’s arms race.

5 thoughts on “South Asia nuclear arms race..thanks to India and Pakistan

  1. India, due to its sheer size in terms of geography, history, culture and economy, can not be compared with Pakistan on any scale.

    Therefore any talk of race with Pakistan is a fallacy, a non starter.

    That Pakistan thinks its an equal, and chasing India, is another story, and a sure recipe for disaster, the Soviet way ……. !!

    And, the charade of democracy aside, the Pakistani Army calls the shots on all Foreign policy issues, including using the terrorists as instruments of Foreign policy.

    The reality is, Pakistan is a pawn of China and the Anglo-American powers, that is a spoiler for India.

    • interesting perspective neel, here is my take

      i think pakistan will always compete with india-because of their history and also geo-political factors. it is different matter whether some people view this race as a fallacy

      about pakistan being china’s pawn..i would have to disagree. pakistan-today’s paksitan, is in hands of religious extremists and the army is too powerful to contain. it is not china but the US which wields more influence over pakistan.

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  3. I knew a guy named Kishore Ghimire, a very fair and handsome guy, a senior I used to play soccer with, while I was studying Engineering in India.

    The lasting good impression attracted me to your (Bhumika’s) blog ……. geo-politics is my passion ……. what a complex development …. !!

    Regardless of politics, as an Indian, I have a very soft corner for Nepal, the only Hindu Kingdom that always made me proud. It breaks my heart to see the gradual erosion of this only tiny Hindu Kingdom, which is no longer a kingdom …. !

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