Rohingyas: Bangladesh’s dilemma and a humanitarian disaster

BBC is reporting that a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Bangladesh.Refugees from neighboring Burma (or Myanmar)-the Rohingyas are being targeted by the government .

The Rohingyas are one of the most desperate people, if you look at their situation closely. Burma does not want them, they are Muslims and speak a Bengali dialect. You say-so they seem closer to Bangladesh, why can’t the country provide a better environment for them? Well, it is not that easy.

Bangladesh is not a rich country with financial and social means to accept the desperate Rohingyas. They have constraints, yes the UN is helping them take care of about 30,000 Rohingyas registered as refugees but the ever-growing number of refugees entering the country illegally is straining the local economy. Local people are concerned that the refugees are taking away meagre opportunities.

So what do you do if you are Bangladesh? Just reading BBC’s report it is easy to blame Dhaka but let us keep the finger-pointing aside. Where is Burma’s responsibility? Rohingyas are Burmese and Burma is their country. If they are being disenfranchised and discriminated in their homeland, than that issue has to be addressed first-before blaming Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi dancer

Image via Wikipedia.

Burma is a rouge regime, and everyone in South Asia is putting up with that because China is still not convinced that the tyrants need to be held accountable.But for how long?

Let us call Bangladesh to be more humane but let us not forget Burma’s responsibility when it comes to the Rohingyas.

For more on the Rohingyas, here is a Wikipedia entry.More on Bangladesh and its economy.

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