Update on the restaurant closing

Republica reports that the closed restaurants will open starting Wednesday.

“Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN), the umbrella organization of restaurants, Tuesday decided to open all 24 outlets of four restaurant chains that had remained closed from Friday.

REBAN took the decision following the meeting with management of the restaurants and workers at New Baneshwar on Tuesday evening.”

A positive development but still there is enough space to doubt the real motive behind the move to reconcile.

“Yam Bahadur Karki, president of the ANHRWU´(Maoist Union) Bakery Café unit, said they would continue with their protest if agreement was not made on their demands. “Our demands are not that big. We just want a win-win situation for both the management and the workers,” he added.”

So there is still a possibility that the workers will create problems later on; because the union is not undertaking the protest for the workers. This is part of larger picture for the Maoists. Control all industries one by one and create disturbance to impede growth. As the country slowly grinds to a halt, then take over. Workers rights is just a smoke screen.


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