Shiv Sena reign of terror

Shiv Sena’s reign of terror in Mumbai-India’s financial hub is on full display. According to the Hindustan Times, cinema halls in the city will not screen ShahRukh Khan’s movie “My Name is Khan” because Shiv Sena has threatened them not to do so.

“A section of cinema hall and multiplex owners have decided not to screen the movie on grounds of security in view of the threats from the Shiv Sena, according to industry sources.

However, other independent theater owners where the movie is scheduled for release have adopted a “wait and watch” policy before taking a final decision on the issue by late Thursday.

As per latest indications, at least three major chains of multiplexes, Fun Cinemas, Fame, and INOX have decided against releasing the movie, while other major cinemas like G-7, Maratha Mandir and some other single-screen cinemas have stopped advance bookings for MNIK, the sources told IANS.”

Why is Shiv Sena against ShahRukh Khan? Bollywood’s leading actor, loved by millions-not only in India but in South Asia, North America and Europe? Khan is a Muslim who dared to speak honestly when the Indian Premier League(Indian version of cricket league, similar to soccer leagues in Europe) failed to sign any Pakistani players. He expressed sadness over the incident.

Shiv Sena, a Hindu radical outfit with very narrow view on Muslims and neighboring Pakistan could not stand Khan’s honestly. Now they are determined do anything they can to hurt Khan.

But is Shiv Sena’s radicalism and hate mongering hurting Khan? It seems that because of Sena’s threat Khan is getting more attention from the media-national and international, and he is also gathering support. Meanwhile, Sena is receiving lot of negative attention and criticism. So, Sena is the loser here.But this loss does not bother Shiv Sena because those who are rational and see this

ShahRukh Khan

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incident as blatant terrorism are not Sena’s audience.

Shiv Sena’a antics are targeted towards those who are already fearful of Muslims and Pakistan. No matter how many analysts say that threatening ShahRukh Khan is a bad PR, Shiv Sena could care less. For them, gains have been made.

2 thoughts on “Shiv Sena reign of terror

  1. Can anyone tell me at least one thing the Shiv Sena has done till date that has benefited ANYONE else except them? ONE?

    C’mon, this is a challenge for the misguided marathi manoos to answer.

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